Here at Arch we’d like to offer a big congratulations to Niche magazine for launching the 10th issue of their lifestyle and culture magazine!

It has been pleasure to work with Niche on this issue; helping to achieve a new and improved evolution for the local Leicester business. For this issue, we subtly redesigned Niche’s logo to add a new flare of sophistication to the overall image. The change did not stray far from their original branding, but we believe it packs a bit more of a punch.

We also constructed a series of templates to reposition the layout of the magazine, so that it is clearer to read and more visually pleasing. This included the new contents page, which now includes colourful headers and pictures to really catch the eye of the reader.

We’re pleased with the work we have done, and we hope that Niche are as well! We look forward to working with them again for future issues.

Issue 10 has been released, so go and grab yourself a copy!

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