Google has burst into the headlines once again with its new logo making the biggest stir since it dropped the exclamation point from its name in 1999. The redesign is intended to suit Google’s full range of products and form a stronger bond with its holding company, Alphabet.

Google has also created a new font called “Product Sans,” which makes legibility a priority and appears to be influenced by the simplification Edward Johnston and Eric Grill underwent with the London Underground typeface.

Google released a statement on their blog saying that: “You expect Google to help you whenever and where you need it,” reaffirming the brand’s accessibility from a range of devices and for a range of Google products.

The design team also exposed its inspiration from the “childlike simplicity of schoolbook letter printing,” shown by the animation currently being shown on the google homepage. And (following Google’s usual trend of doing things normally unheard of by companies) they even released a picture board of other images considered in the redesign process.

The new no-fuss logo has been picked up by The Guardian as an interesting move away from texture, embellishments and shadows like the drop shadow of the previous Google logo. Simple is better, as we noted in one of Arch’s own blog posts:

Google promises that what it has done so far is merely the tip of the iceberg, and it still has a long way to go. And with Google’s self-driving cars hitting the streets of Austin, Texas in the next few weeks, don’t we believe it!

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