From April 21 Google will begin to implement a new search rankings algorithm.
They are going to use mobile-friendliness as a factor in rankings. With sites that are mobile-friendly getting a listings boost.

Here’s what Google recently posted on their Webmasters blog

Currently Google search results return a label next to the listing stating if the site is mobile-friendly. This helps users to identify sites that are going to display well when viewed on mobile and deliver the best experience.

How does Google check for mobile-friendly design?

Google check for various criteria when assessing mobile-friendly design, these include:

  • Use of plugins such as Flash (which isn’t generally compatible with mobile devices)
  • Readability of the text – so that a user can browse the site without having to use zoom
  • Layout – the content size is appropriate for the mobile screen without having to scroll horizontally
  • Positioning of interactive elements – this makes sure that links for example are easily clickable by the user

If you are concerned about how this might affect your websites ranking please contact us for assistance.



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