Yesterday Arch Directors Joe and Darren carried out a lecture at The University of Leicester.

The lecture for Third Year Undergraduates in BA Management formed part of their latest module ‘the cultural producers of taste.’

The module covers how taste and value come together in the work of ‘cultural intermediaries’ : those involved in shaping people’s perceptions of goods and services.

Joe and Darren talked through various Arch Creative projects, looking at how their personal likes and dislikes informs the insight stage of their work programme and how much of their own sense of identity shapes the work they do.

The University of Leicester is one of the most respected in the country – most famous for the invention of genetic fingerprinting and more recently for the discovery of the remains of King Richard III, who is being reburied at Leicester Cathedral today, so it was an honour to have been invited by Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire, who sent this great feedback:

“Thanks again for the fantastic presentation today. You were a perfect fit for the module content and an inspiration for the students (and me – am very envious of the creative scope you get to work and play with!). Best wishes for continued success.”

Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire
School of Management
University of Leicester