We’re being spoilt by a rare scientific occurrence and a major historical event just a couple of days apart.

This morning at 9.35am we were treated to the phenomenon of a partial solar eclipse. Some of the team headed out to the eerie graveyard setting behind the Arch Creative studio to witness the cultural quarter plunge into semi darkness.

In the last 500 years there have only been eight total solar eclipses that could be seen from the UK. The last one was in 1999 and we won’t see another eclipse until 2090, so we were privileged to experience this unusual occurrence together. It’s been a Freaky Friday so far, with the Solar Eclipse, Supermoon and Spring equinox all happening on the same day.

This Sunday, the remains of Richard III will be travelling directly past the Arch Creative studio on the route around the city before heading to the cathedral for 6pm, ready for the reburial next Thursday. The streets around the Cultural Quarter have been cleaned up with banners lining the parade. We’ll have ringside seats with the eyes of the world on us so we’ve also created some special window vinyls.

To commemorate this global landmark event our team will be celebrating with a few beers and nibbles in our studio from 4.30pm onwards. Feel free to pop over and say hello and have a beer with us….and check back soon to see some photos.

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