The challenge?

Samsung Security work on a global scale. We were recently invited to work with Samsung HQ in South Korea, working closely with their Vice President for Global Development based out of the US. As well as the creative challenges of the project we also had to develop a collaborative and efficient mode of working in multiple time zones.

Our creative solution?

Embracing new technology enabled us to pull this complex project in on-budget and on-time. We made use of a variety of online tools and services to accomplish our goals:

• Skype for calls and screen sharing
• Dropbox for file sharing
• Basecamp for project management

Although we’ve been working with Samsung UK for three years, this was the first time Samsung HQ had tried working with a UK based agency. They were thrilled with the results and we are looking forward to nurturing our relationship with both Korea and the US across a number of campaigns. These include the current Open Platform campaign for which we’ve created a global advertising campaign, sub-brand, infographics and relating marketing collateral.