Following a major refurbishment, the former Entropy restaurant on Hinckley Road, North Bar & Kitchen has recently opened its doors.

North Bar & Kitchen serves traditional British food with a contemporary European twist, offering various menus including sharing platters, sliders and brunch. The venue, in Leicester’s West End aims to mark the arrival of a premium bar and restaurant for the area.

Arch were responsible from the ground up, helping to develop the name, brand identity, signage, website and full suite of marketing materials.

During the refit of the iconic building, we worked closely with the client, deciding to name the venue after the historic ‘H.North Purveyors’ sign that adorns the building. We also liaised with the local council to create a set of designs which are both sympathetic to the original signage, but is also distinct enough to contrast giving a contemporary finish.

The letter ‘O’ in the North logo is based on a navigation compass with the orientation pointing towards magnetic north. This is the axis which a compass needle will align itself in the Earth’s magnetic field, and the position varies depending where you are in the world. Currently in the UK, the magnetic north is 3 degrees west of true north, which is why we based the subtle brand identity for North bar on this direction.

The compass element has been highlighted throughout all of the marketing collateral, being embossed on all of the menus and postcards to give a prestigious feel. We even animated the logo on the website, reflecting the subtle movement of a compass.

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