Another one of our designs has made it to the cover of legendary publication ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ which was distributed at one of the world’s leading film festivals, Berlin International.

‘33 Days’ tells the dramatic true story of Formula 1 racing legend Niki Lauda, and his miraculous recovery after one of the most horrific accidents in the history of motor racing. The documentary style film focuses on F1 in its most glamorous but also most dangerous time. In 1976, Niki Lauda was the current F1 champion, and also the most outspoken critic on track safety.

“The untold story” will look at the events leading up to Lauda’s now infamous, near-fatal crash and the 33 days he spent recovering, before recommencing his rivalry with James Hunt, and racing again, winning the championship the following year. F1 safety has improved dramatically since the Nürburgring crash, in large part due to Lauda.

Our concept for Stealth Media Group features Lauda’s iconic red helmet with the flames from the crash and the chequered flag reflected in his visor.