Our design has been printed on the front cover of Hollywood Reporter magazine and will be distributed at the Berlin Film Festival tomorrow.

If you haven’t already heard of Gummy Bear, you soon will do! Gummy Bear is now the number 1 most watched character on the internet of all time. Originally the novelty song “I’m a Gummy Bear” spent 8 months at number 1 in Hungary. Subsequently it became global as an internet meme due mainly to the video on YouTube. It has since been released in at least twenty five languages and has virally spread worldwide with more than 1 billion plays.

Stealth Media Group are a UK based distribution, International film and sales company who we are now working with. Gummy Bear, 3D The Movie, is currently in Pre-Production with Stealth, who approached us to create a new design showing Gummy Bear in the guise of John Travolta’s character Tony Manero from ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ This concept was to highlight the fact that John Travolta had just signed to become the voice of Gummy Bear in the upcoming movie.

Take a look at the Gummy Bear video here:



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