A logo has such an important part to play in any business – large or small, new or established, B2B or B2C. It’s a key tool for telling your customers (and potential customers) what your company is all about. Are you trustworthy? Honest and reliable? Fun and fresh? Good and effective branding can help you deliver your message to your target market. As Arch Creative are branding specialists, we’ve put together a few points for you to think about:

1. Think about your business and the services/product you offer. In your market are you the company which focuses on fresh and innovative ideas? Or are you the reliable, experienced and safe option? It’s important to also think about what your customers will want to see from your company. The colours, font and style of your branding can all be determined by what you want your company to represent to your audience.

2. Before you approach a designer try to have a single line description that sums up your company. If you can convey your company’s message to the designer they will be able to create something that captures the message you want to portray.

3. Look at logos of other successful companies. Some logos over time can ultimately become stand-alone without any text at all. Take Apple for example, their logo is simple, clean and elegant, telling their customers about the ease of use of their products. The Nike swoosh is simple, but very effective.

4. Think of how you will use your logo. A logo with five colours may look striking but may be more confusing – often logos with a limited colour palette are stronger and more eye catching.

5. Look at the work of the company you are thinking of commissioning. What other brands have they worked on? Do you like their work? A company’s portfolio will tell you heaps about what they are capable of and if they are the right choice to do your company’s branding.

We hope these tips will help you if you are currently branding or rebranding your company. It’s an exciting place to be in so make sure you enjoy it and get in touch if you’d like to see how Arch Creative can help you.

Click on the Pinterest link below which showcases some of the logos Arch Creative have designed…