The O2

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The design, colour scheme and materials of the bespoke menus really had to fit in with the new refurbishment here at the American Express Invites Lounge at The o2 Arena. Arch Creative worked tirelessly to produce three separate designs that you won’t see anywhere else, to really fit in with the concept of the new lounge, producing a perfect end product.

Matt Gregoire


The world's most popular venue

The O2 is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the centre of The O2, a large entertainment complex in London. The O² has the crown of the world’s busiest music arena, a title which it had held since 2001 and has played host to some of the largest names in music. It was also used as a venue for the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Arch Creative have been working with the The O2 for several years across a range of corporate suites menus, concourse graphics, concessions menus and art directing photo shoots.

Featured project

An innovative approach to luxury VIP menus

The American Express sponsored VIP lounge inside the arena had a major interior overhaul in 2014 and Arch Creative were commissioned to design and production manage a range of high specification menus and host of accessories.

The prestigious designs were constructed in anodised aluminium with engraved logos, lathed finishes and screen-printed colours.

We created a cocktail menu, tip tray, tab card, clip-board and food & drink menus which were based on halved and hinged 12” vinyl records, complete with Jackson Pollock style paint splashes. We also incorporated the chainmail detail used on the glazing as a UV screen print detail across the range of menus. Finally, we created a range of four CD case drinks menus which reflected the backstage photography on the walls. This again echoed the nature of the venue and reiterated the brand message.