Shelton's Coffee

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Columbian coffee from crop to cup

Shelton’s coffee have an authentic and original product, selling traditional handpicked coffee as well as their innovative coffee cubes.

Shelton’s have acquired some high profile retailers such as Harrods stocking their product range.

As well as creating the e-commerce website, we are are currently in the process of creating a range of fresh and vibrant packaging, giving a more luxurious feel.

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A sleek e-commerce experience

Shelton’s Coffee had achieved some reasonable sales, however their website was holding them back. Not only were they losing out on online sales, the site wasn’t helping them when it came to engaging with new retailers.

The new site would have two goals:
– Increase online sales
– Increase brand credibility

We developed a sophisticated and sleek online experience. The site elevates the brand through the design, imagery and smart user experience.

The use of Shelton’s Coffee own photography and some simple story-telling mechanics demonstrates the authenticity of the brand and product range.

We seamlessly integrated this brand messaging together with an easy to navigate shopping experience. Both elements of the site now go hand in hand, each helping the other.

The site is fully responsive and provides an accessible well-branded experience whatever the user’s platform. The CMS is built on WordPress which allowed us to execute the project quickly and efficiently. Not only did this speed the build up, but we believe this CMS provides the most familiar and easy to use system for our clients to manage.

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