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We were very pleased with the RCI Welcome Kit that Arch produced for us. Not only did they bring a contemporary and holiday feel to the kit, but they kept a rather complicated membership simple and fun. Both our members and our affiliates love the new kit.

Joanne Hobbs - Marketing Manager, RCI


The world's largest holiday exchange company

RCI has grown to become the world’s largest holiday exchange company with over 6000 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries around the world and a membership base of nearly 4 million members.

As first choice design agency, Arch have been working closely with RCI since 2006 and during that time have created many successful direct mail and email campaigns, brochures and websites.

Featured project

New member kit

The New Member Kit is distributed to all new sign-ups and consists of a Guidebook, Destination Directory, DVD and Member Card. The existing kit was cumbersome and tired and RCI wanted to completely overhaul the design. Arch were invited to pitch along with 3 other design agencies for the re-design of the kit along with a comprehensive email and web campaign targeted at new members.

The old design consisted of a card box with the brochures and other elements packed inside which was an unwelcoming introduction to RCI. We wanted to create a piece which was opened out and all the elements were immediately visible, leading the member through and telling a story.

We created a smaller, square Guidebook which was friendly and tactile, but also meant that it could sit neatly in front of the Destination Directory. RCI loved our presentation and we were successful with our pitch, getting the green light to turn our prototype into reality. On final approval, we then typeset the kit into 17 languages from German to Arabic and finally produced a successful three pronged e-shot campaign.

The campaign was extremely well received. The email campaign in particular increased member retention by 4% and the designs were subsequently nominated for several Marketing Awards.