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I think it's really good. You can draw a monster and you don't know who is going to do the legs!

Jack Harrison, 8 years old


The online drawing game unfolds

The challenge: create an innovative, easy to share, and most of all fun game for all ages to play.

We’re never short of ideas, and one of our team members had the great idea of making a digital version of the kids paper classic – Consequences. For those who can’t remember this is a game where each player draws one part of a monster (i.e. a head) then folds over the paper so the next player can’t see. Once the legs have been drawn the monster is revealed in all it’s beauty.

Initially we were skeptical that this idea for a game must have already been created, but our research turned up nothing similar to the project we had envisioned. So with this knowledge we set to work developing our own concept.

Our first step was to develop a simple engaging brand that would be attractive to both kids and adults. Thus a monster was born!

Featured project

An online community of freakish creations

We’ve created an online community where players can collaborate and enjoy a unique drawing experience, working together to create an ever growing library of freakish creations.

Growth of the site has been solely through its own virality. We knew that users of the site would want to share their creations, so Facebook and Twitter integration have been at the heart of the projects development.

To achieve this aim we had to in incorporate the latest in web technologies. This platform gave us the opportunity to include both video and sound.

As is standard for Arch, we heavily test every project before going live to ensure a very high standard of work and high levels of engagement whatever the users device and browser preferences. We had to be very creative with our use of technology to maintain responsiveness and broad levels of compatibility.

A major part of this projects challenge has been to make it fully responsive, and to ensure that the drawing functionality works correctly over a massive raft of desktop and mobile devices. We are thrilled to have satisfied this and through the challenges that this posed,we’ve developed a lot of solutions to which we can offer to our clients projects.

We’re continuing to develop the website community and have recently begun to monetise the experience. We’ve done through micro-purchases – users can buy fun stamp packs and an extended range of drawing tools.

The future of Monsterland looks rosy as we continue to develop the next stage of its life with an iOS app.

Take a look for yourself here: