Lisa Lashes

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Lisa Lashes


The world's number 1 female DJ

Lisa Lashes is one of the world’s biggest female DJs and often referred to as ‘the original queen of dance’.

With one of the biggest selling Euphoria dance albums of all time and a podcast that iTunes recommends in its Top 5 monthly dancecasts, Lisa Lashes remains a tour de force in the dance music world.

As well as creating the website for Lisa Lashes, we’ve been working closely with her management company, creating and deploying a range of e-shots distributed to thousands of fans around the world.

Featured project

A user centric website for a global fan base

With a global fan base and a social media following to rival many celebrities, we knew we had to create something special when tasked with creating her new website.

Lisa’s old website was looking tired and needed a complete overhaul. We took the design back to the drawing board. Our brief was to create a web experience that captured the excitement of seeing Lisa lashes live.

To achieve this aim we had to in incorporate the latest in web technologies. This platform gave us the opportunity to include both video and sound.

As is standard for Arch, we heavily test every project before going live to ensure a very high standard of work, and high levels of engagement whatever the users device and browser preferences. We had to be very creative with our use of technology to maintain responsiveness and broad levels of compatibility.

The end result is engaging and entertaining, yet still delivers a user centric experience. Oh, and a flight of Lisa’s favourite butterflies thrown in for good measure. Job done.

Take a look for yourself here: