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With the volume and variety of graphic design work we undertake at the Leicester City Football Club, it is important that we have a team capable of producing the high volume of high quality design work, to extremely tight deadlines, required to run our business. Arch Creative meet and exceed that criteria with their usual high standard graphic design work and ideas.

Jamie Tabor - Marketing Manager, LCFC


Premiership football club

Our involvement with Premiership Football Club Leicester City started back in 2007. Since then we’ve created numerous brochures, logos, email campaigns, posters, flyers and Christmas campaigns. Over the years Arch have supported Leicester City’s daily design requirements and the demands are high – turning around jobs on a fast basis.

We’ve worked on many bigger projects too such as the season ticket campaigns, designing huge graphics for the front of the stadium and creating internal boards for the award winning family football stand.

Featured project

Season ticket campaign

LCFC wanted to increase their pre-season season ticket sales and asked Arch to produce a comprehensive campaign. Convincing even the most die hard fans to part with their hard earned money during times of austerity would be tricky. We had to tap into the consumer’s head and re-affirm their purchasing decision.

We commissioned a photo shoot, taking images of a father and son and various selected fans, gauging their reactions throughout the game. We then used emotive testimonials which would appeal to the fans and coupled them with fitting images from the shoot.

The resulting compositions were thought provoking and captivating and were devised specifically to remind fans that they didn’t want to miss out on a fantastic season.

The images were utilised within a 24 page Season Ticket brochure which was mailed to the consumer database and was personalised with the customer’s name for added exclusivity. We also created a successful poster and outdoor advertising campaign.