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One of the oldest British textiles companies

Formed in 1794, Courtaulds is one of the oldest established British textiles companies.

Counting several hosiery & lingerie companies on it’s books including Pretty Polly, Gossard and Aristoc, the Courtauld’s brand name still remains strong and Pretty Polly is now recognised as a Superbrand by the Superbrands Council.

Featured project

Eco factory poster campaign

Courtaulds had been selected as a key supplier of hosiery products to Marks and Spencer. As part of the drive towards sustainability and eco-friendliness, Marks and Spencer’s have implemented a host of commitments known collectively as ‘Plan A’.

In order for Courtaulds to meet the requirements of being a Plan A supplier they had to execute a variety of eco-friendly measures at their manufacturing plant. These measures included the following: Recycling of hot steam and water, Infra-red heating, installing new efficient gas boilers and introducing a ‘Switch-off’ policy for electricals.

We created a range of infographics which were printed as a series of A2 posters for display throughout the factory and headquarters building. Our poster designs incorporated bespoke illustrations and a selection of snappy copy-lines. This helped to make a potentially dry and uninteresting subject both eye-catching and informative.