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At Accurist we always strive to stand out from the crowd and I feel the new website really does that. We’ve loved working with Arch Creative, they bring a wealth of experience and have produced something that is distinctive, contemporary and enhances our customers’ experience.

Trevor James, Accurist Brand Director


An iconic British watch brand

Established in 1946 Accurist is one of the market leading watch brands in the UK steeped in history. Accurist were also the first ever official sponsor of British Telecom’s Speaking Clock in 1986, which received almost 3 billion calls and was given the title of the “greatest sponsorship deal of all time”.

Accurist was rebranded to stand out from its competition and to reposition itself as luxury made affordable-distinctive contemporary British style that lasts from the real watchmakers.

To help reposition the brand as modern and fashionable Accurist commissioned a complete rebrand. As part of this rebrand and relaunch process we were invited to design and produce the new website.

Featured project

Simple and sophisticated, with great user experience

Our brief was to create a site that seamlessly implements the new branding and delivers a great user experience.

Showing off the product and delivering the customer all of the information required to make a purchasing decision was our key to this sites success. To deliver this we produced a simple yet sophisticated design that doesn’t get in the way of the product, but let’s the customer easily navigate the site at their leisure.

The site is fully responsive, providing the visitor with a great experience on whatever device they are using. This works great when teamed with the store locator functionality we incorporated. Customers can easily find their nearest store wherever they are in the UK.

Integral to the user experience was also delivering a site that is easy to update and maintain. Arch Creative are experts in developing WordPress powered solutions. This technology is proven, easily understood and operated by the client, and easily maintained.

Our familiarity with WordPress allows us to build new websites rapidly. We can develop the front-end designs whilst also developing the CMS – we don’t have to develop each part discretely. Once the client is happy with the front-end design and functionality we are able upload the initial site content and launch.

Take a look at the website here: