25th April 2017

Major advertising campaign for global giant Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin isn’t perhaps a brand you’ll have heard of. As a multi-profile business conglomerate, Hanwha Group is a Korean brand that is one of the powerhouses of international technology companies – turning over billions of pounds each year. Having started life in explosives for the construction industry, they now operate across a wide range of business sectors that includes manufacturing, chemicals, renewable energy, finance, investments and leisure.

Techwin is an important part of the Hanwha machine covering business and home security products, solutions and support services. Arch have been working closely with Hanwha Techwin for a number of years across a wide range of marketing and advertising formats. 2016 was a big year with the launch of two product ranges – the Wisenet P & Q Series and 2017 has seen us working on the follow-up project – Wisenet X.

Hanwha Techwin Arch Creative Brochure 1

For Wisenet X, we created a suite of advertising collateral. We started off with a ‘coming soon’ teaser campaign consisting of web banners. Our series of print adverts for the new product focused on the myriad features of Wisenet X together with product packshots, supported by email footers and web banners. Brochures followed and all of this was produced in nine languages…that’s a lot of translating!

The accumulated marketing assets for Wisenet X were presented at the March launch event in Barcelona. The event was led by the UK team and as such required the creation of a branded presentations for the key speakers, in-house editing of corporate videos, large format conference graphics and web banners – all wrapped up with Wisenet branding.

Post event, Arch put together a short compilation video with Hanwha Techwin idents included:

After the initial launch, we’ve created a series of adverts featuring sprinters with copy based on eXtreme performance.  The supporting message that we’ve developed for Wisenet X and Hanwha Techwin as a brand is based around the strapline “We Move”. It’s an overarching message that conveys the dynamism and reach of Hanwha.  From initial teasers through to launch events, the Wisenet X series is a good example of how we create campaigns from start to finish with compelling storytelling throughout.

Hanwha Techwin Arch Creative Artwork 1

Hanwha is a consummately professional brand. A Fortune 500 company, it’s been a pleasure to work with them for the last few years and our relationship is a great example of a client maximising Arch Creative’s multi-disciplined services. From typesetting, editorial, copywriting, advertising, video and branding, Hanwha Techwin is making the most of what we offer.

Hanwha Techwin Arch Creative Artwork 2

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